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Leverage your network, discover the best potential warm introduction, and exist in any channel that you prefer

It Has Never Been More Important To Create A Way To Meaningfully Connect Online supports teams in finding and closing their next deal. Powering teams go-to-market through any platform or identity. Drive real results, with real people, and create better ROI than any existing platform.


Fake LinkedIn Profiles

Removed In 2023


Cold Calls Answered


Cold Emails Sent To

Generate A Single Reply


Cost To Generate

1 Qualified Lead

A rapidly growing network dedicated to fostering valuable connections.

No More Conferences

Providing Accessible Scalable Connectivity

BD Is Done Differently

Building Together Instead of Selling

Mass Outreach Is Dying

The Rise Of AI Makes Connection More Important

Decentralized Platform

Connecting Should Go Beyond LinkedIn

Get In Touch 100x Faster For 20x Cheaper produces the ability to connect with all of web3 instead of just conference attendees. Connect with more people than the side-event circuit, at scale, for a fraction of the cost of traveling.

Decentralized Network Prospecting goes beyond the limitations of centralized platforms. Enabling users to own their network, regardless of the channel. Building a network of valuable, verified, and new data for GTM teams.

Leverage Your Network and
Connect with the Best in Web3.


Import Your Professional Graph

Connect your company, contacts, and partners in just a matter of a few clicks. BD will analyze your graph to provide best-in-class connection analysis.

Verify Information

Validate Your Insights

BD will make recommendations for immeidate connections based on the data available. Provide more context to fine tune the results.

Unlock Connectvity

View The Hidden Network

Producing public and private networks, users have complete control over data access. BD produces valuable connection opportunities with proven results.


Connect In Meaningful Ways

Constantly improving various mechanisms and channels of connections, BD optimizes for resutls. Backed with detailed reporting and insights for GTM teams to take the guesswork out of scaling.

The Scale of the Network


Professional Connections


Professional Profiles


Verifiable Accounts

The Relationship Layer of the Internet

Apply to join the beta, a curated network of the best professionals in web3. Receive high-quality warm introductions, grow your network, and create meaningful opportunities for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Does 'Import My Professional Graph' Mean? is uniquely built on top of the data layer. By connecting BD and 3RM together, your professional graph will appear in minutes.


Who Can See My Professional Graph?

As a default, no one is able to see this data. Until you engage within the ecosystem, this will remain private to you and all others in the beta.


How Are Connections Made?

Right now, the team at is working closely with teams are variety of different mechanisms for connections to discover the best ways to facilitate meaningful connection.


Where Do I Receive Introductions?

As a part of onboarding, you'll be able to designate where you would like to receive your updates. You won't need to create a new account or use a new tool.


How Do I Track The Introductions?

All private beta members are assigned an account representative to ensure the performance of the network. Your representative will maintain updates.


How Does Make Money?

The private beta is a free as we are working to build the data layer for more applications. We aim to offer premium services over the next couple of weeks.

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